Electrical Cables

Electrical wire and building wire are very broad terms used to describe THHN wire, Romex®, UFB cable and bare copper. Sometimes welding cable, entertainment cable and portable cord are included in that term but those are more known as power cables. Each product is broken down more on the specific page which will include the different awg sizes we sell and how much they cost. A Romex® 6/3 is much bigger than a Romex® 14/2 so it will cost more because of the amount of copper inside it.


Electrical Wire

THHN wire is the most basic of all copper electrical wire. It's sometimes even known as a hook up wire in the smaller gauges because they have similar uses. THHN is a single wire used in homes and buildings that conducts electricity from your electrical box to your lights and appliances in your home. It comes in bare copper with a PVC insulation and a nylon coating to resist water, moisture, gas and solvents. XHHW wire is also a single conductor electrical wire used in flame retardant applications.


Products and Services

Cut to Length
Cut To Length
WesBell Electronics cuts most of our electrical wire and cable to any length our customers need. That includes our THHN wire, Romex® and UFB Cables 8 awg and bigger. Even if we don't offer the "cut to legnth" option we still offer very small lengths.
Cut Heat Shrink Tubing
Wire Harnesses
Along with cut tubing, WesBell also manufactures pvc wire and cable assemblies to the specifications of its customers. Many assemblies and harnesses involve heat shrink tubing to make the finished product look much better.

Romex Wire and Cable
Romex Cable® is made with THHN wires inside a cheap PVC jacket. Romex® is used indoors for the same purposes as THHN, but it can run 2 or 3 wires plus a ground wire at the same time. This saves the electrical contractors a lot of time during installation because they can run the cable instead of the individual wires. Romex wire can not be used outdoors even if you put it in conduit. It was made cheaper to keep costs down so if you need an outdoor cable you should use UFB cable.

Bare Copper
Bare Copper usually comes in a solid conductor but if you need it in stranded we can get it at a higher price. It's the ground wire used in Romex wire® and UFB cable. The ground wire in Romex® 14/2 is the same awg size as the conductors but the ground wire is usually smaller in the bigger sizes such as Romex® 6/3. The 6/3 has a solid 10 awg ground wire to save on copper costs.

MC Cable
MC Cable is an electrical cable manufactured with 2, 3 or 4 conductors with an additional ground wire. It comes in copper or aluminum and with or without an additional PVC jacket. The PVC jacket over the metal clad armor protects the cable enough to be used directly underground. Otherwise it must be used in conduit or above ground.



WesBell Electronics has electrical wire and cable, mc cable, thhn wire, bare copper etc. in stock available to cut to any length you need. We can also pull from our manufacturers inventory throughout the USA to drop directly to oyu for no extra charge. Every order on our website over $250.00 is free shipping to anywhere in the continental USA.

If you're looking for other types of electrical wire please let us know so we can search for it. If you can't find it on our website we might still have it in stock. Our website is constantly being updated for current copper costs and new inventory items.

WesBell has created many websites online that you might find with keywords such as this. Don't get confused, it's still our website and each has their own shopping cart with free shipping over $250.00. This electrical wire website was created to rank on the search engine for the phrase "electrical wire" and many similar variations.