Using UFB Underground Cables

The best way to have a beautifully lit backyard is by using UFB cable. Underground electrical wiring is the key component for maintaining the backyard beautiful while keeping the yard free from annoying visible strands of electrical wires.

UFB Cables are highly regarded by electricians for its ability to be buried under the ground because of its thick and strong jacket attribution. It is especially designed for outdoor use such as electrical post lamps. It is also susceptible for breaking down even when exposed to extreme UV light and other outdoor damaging factors.

Specifically made for direct burial underground, the UFB cable can be run without using other piping or any conduit. It comes in gray color with a UFB mark to indicate its difference from the regular UF cable type. The regular UF Cable is also applicable for outdoor use but not suitable for underground installation without using conduit or any proper piping material.

Typically, UFB Cable is more expensive than the regular UF cable due to the additional required materials for its construction that enables it to be resistant to UV, moisture, temperature and corrosion. The maximum voltage both UF and UFB Cables can hold are just the same: no more than 600 volts.

If you want to hook up an electrical wire to your garden fountain, you can start by using UFB cable. Underground wiring will directly deliver the electricity from the power supply inside your house to your outdoor garden fountain.

You can do the installation on your own by following the steps below.

• First, shut down the power supply at the main switch panel that will be used to supply the electricity to the fountain.

• Bury the UFB cable from the electrical junction box of your house to the fountain’s electrical junction box. You can bury it anywhere you think best. But do keep in mind that the cable should be buried at least 18 inches below the surface of the ground.

• Take the fountain pump’s black wire and connect it with the UFB cable’s black wire that is located at the electrical box of the fountain. Do the same connection with the fountain pump’s white wire and the UFB cable’s white wire. Then connect all of the wires inside the electrical box. Cover the splices by using a plastic twist cap.

• Submerge the fountain pump. Make sure that the water intake was completely submerged. • Go back to your house and connect the black wire to the black wire splice in the junction box of your house. Do the same connection with the existing white wires.

• Double check all connections and make sure they are placed correctly. Once done with double checking, you may now turn back the power and test if the fountain will operate.

• Turn off the power again if you have any problems in using UFB cable. Underground wirings may not be connected correctly so try unplugging and re-installing them again. If problem persists, try calling a professional electrician to determine the cause of the discrepancy.